Clyde Theatre Renovations


Originally opened in 1951, the Clyde began as the premier movie theatre serving northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. When Rick Kinney purchased the building in 2012, the majority of interior finishes had been stripped away by previous owners, leaving nothing but a shell of memories from a day long gone.

Today the art deco masterpiece has survived the test of time. The theatre fascade has been upgraded with modern amenities while still maintaining its nostalgic charm. The Baldus Company used original photographs to recreate the 60-ft architectural spire. Wayne Steel Supply helped to fabricate and install the structure. Unlike the original, it will feature brighter, energy efficient LED lighting. The curved entrance will boast a unique curved EMC from Watchfire Signs. The nostalgia would not be complete without the flanking marquee signs

Our lobby houses the main entryway for our performance hall and box office. The second story of the lobby will function as the VIP Gallery with box seating for live performance events and an art gallery that will compliment the first floor art exhibitions.